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HTW b.v. sold frisian mare Antsje to Russia

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At the Olympic Games and World Showjumping en Dressage Events KWPN-horses are doing very well. The KWPN-studbook is the largest studbook in the Netherlands and also the best at the world breeding list. Riders like Anky van Grunsven and Jeroen Dubbeldam have contributed greatly as individuals and as teammembers to both events, showing impressive performances at both the Olympic Games and the World Championships.

The Westerkwartier is an area in the province of Groningen, one of the three northern provinces of The Netherlands. A unique feature of the Westerkwartier is its highest horse density population per square meter. This area represents more than 500 breeders of different studbooks. There are about fifty horse businesses in this area. Many of the horses you see today performing at international level have been bred in our area: Westerkwartier.

The Foundation of Horse Trading Westerkwartier  was established in 2010. This initiatief, supported by the province of Groningen, is taken by three companies situated in the Westerkwartier. The experience and knowledge of the three companies together is a unique way working together to serve the needs of our clients.

The cooperation between the three companies enables us to offer you the following services:

-         breeding consulting
-         training dressage and jumping
-         purchase of dressagehorses and showjumpers
-         competition coaching
-         stable management consulting

We can take care of your travel arrangements along with the transport of your horse.

We already sold horses to: United States, Sweden, Great Britain, France, Italy, Switserland, Austria, Hungary, Russia, China, Finland, Japan, Danmark. Norway, Ireland, Canada, Mexico